Cheat Days And Weight Loss

One of the hardest parts about losing weight is having to give up some of your favorite foods. But so-called “cheat days” give health-conscious people a loop-hole to indulge in delicious, albeit unhealthy, treats.

New-york-nutritionist-doctorWhether you have a weak spot for cheeseburgers and you are a life-long chocolate lover, saying “no” to your favorite dishes is a real challenge that millions of dieters have to deal with. Naturally, it’s tempting to allow yourself small indulgences here and there, but are cheat days really a good idea when trying to lose weight?

Cheat Days and Weight Loss

To be honest, there is both advantages and disadvantages to incorporating cheat days into your weight loss plan.

The Advantages:

  • Cheat days can boost morale when trying to lose weight, serving as a type of well deserved reward after a lot of hard work.
  • Research has shown that splurging on your favorite foods can increase leptin levels in the body, a hormone that helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. Also, if your leptin levels drop too much, you will experience intense cravings and hunger pains.
  • Restricting calories for extended period of time can cause your thyroid to release less hormones which will then slow down your metabolic rate. If this happens, losing weight becomes almost impossible despite your best efforts. Cheat days can help you avoid this common pitfall.

Clearly, there are several pros to including some cheat days in your diet. But cheat days and weight loss do not always go together.

The Disadvantages:

  • Many people struggle with self control when trying to diet and lose weight. For these people, cheat days can be a slippery slope that causes them to slip back into their old ways.
  • Cheat days might also create feelings of guilt and embarrassment if you accidentally over indulge, sending you into a tailspin that makes you want to give up on your diet all together.

Cheat Days and Weight Loss: Finding a Balance

When you’re trying to lose weight, giving into your cravings every now and then can be extremely beneficial for your health and happiness. And since long-term results are always the ultimate goal, it’s imperative to learn how to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.

If you decide to include cheat days in your diet, come up with a solid plan that has clear boundaries and a little bit of flexibility. And if you make a mistake, don’t let it throw you off the path to weight loss success.

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