Much like a car, your body needs more fuel the harder you push it. That’s why athletes require a unique diet. Athletes must fuel their body so they can have enough energy to keep up with an active lifestyle.


Customized Diet Plans for 2016

Because of their increased energy needs, athletes face quite the conundrum when trying to lose weight. Since they are already live an active lifestyle, simply decreasing caloric intake while increasing physical activity isn’t always the best solution.

Consider the following list of tips and tricks to create customized diet plans that fit an active lifestyle.

1. Eat Less Fat

Fat is an essential part of any healthy diet. But, if you’re eating a little too much, it can quickly lead to weight gain.

Keep a food journal to figure out where you can shave off some excess fat in your diet. Also, try opting for low-fat options at the grocery store when you buy milk, cheese, dressing, and other fatty foods.

2. Increase Fiber

Foods that are high in fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Get a good start each day by incorporating more fiber into your breakfast.

Find tasty cereals that are low in fat and high in fiber. Or, add toasted whole-grain bread topped with a fruit spread. The extra sugar in the jam will boost your energy levels and the fiber will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

3. Choose Lean Protein

Every athlete knows how important protein is for building healthy muscles and maintaining energy levels. Remember, foods that are high in protein also tend to be high in fat.

Consider adding sources of lean protein by including more fish, chicken, and turkey in your diet. Doing so will dramatically cut your fat intake without losing any protein in the process.

4. Don’t Skip Meals

As an athlete, eating regularly is an important part of your life. So when you try to cut calories by skipping meals, you are doing more harm than good. Concentrate on eating several small meals throughout the day, giving your body the fuel it needs to sustain performance.

5. Talk to a Weight Loss Coach

Contrary to popular belief, athletes often struggle to lose weight. A weight loss coach can help you overcome these obstacles by creating customized diet plans that are personalized for an active lifestyle.

Customized Diet Plans for Athletes

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