best nyc weight loss coachA customized diet solution is created for each person who needs to lose weight. People who are just overweight and need to shed pounds to avoid health problems are offered customized diet solutions at NYC Weight Loss Solutions that work.

Customized Diet Solutions at NYC Weightloss Solutions

Customized diet solutions work for people with the following conditions:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Food allergies such as lactose intolerance
  • Medical conditions such as recovery from surgery
  • Heart conditions
  • High blood pressure
  • Binge eating disorder

No Fad Diets

NYC Weightloss Solutions does not offer fad diets to clients. We help people change their lifestyle to healthy eating habits. This means eliminating fatty foods that have no nutritional value.

Education is an important part of the customized diet plans offered to people who want to lose weight. Many people qualify for the Metabolic Makeover Quick Start which involves eating mainly foods that stimulate the metabolism and burn fat.

This can be a complete change for people who skip breakfast and eat rich mid-morning snacks, big lunches and dinners. We encourage all clients to enjoy a healthy breakfast and nibble on fruit mid-morning. Lunches, dinners and snacks should all be nutritious foods that aid digestion.

Custom Menus

We help people plan their shopping list with recommended foods for their individual weight loss goals. We can occasionally shop for people who do not have the time. We also offers some healthy prepared meals.

We help people learn about food values. Knowing that a cupcake has no nutritional value may discourage a person from eating it. A dieter will eat an apple, orange or other fruit in place of the high-calorie food.

Setting goals

Each person is different. Weight loss goals are set based on an individual’s height, existing weight, body type and bone structure. Health issues are major considerations. Many people are referred to NYC Weightloss Solutions by doctors. They may be medically approved for certain types of diets that can include low gluten and limited lactose menus.

We ask people about food allergies and foods that give them indigestion. Many clients learn that healthy eating clears up digestive problems. They no longer need antacids and other medications for indigestion.

The recommend foods on customized diets are easy to digest and work immediately to give people energy. Protein rich foods, high-fiber vegetables and fruits replace junk foods.

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