Becky_New_Photo_2_(2)You can lose weight before the holidays and keep it off with help from an experienced NYC Diet Coach. At NYC Weightloss Solutions, our expert nutritionists know that many people fear the holiday eating season. They strive to lose weight before the cookies, cakes, and candies are passed around.

NYC Diet Coach Benefits

You can shape up and keep the weight off by forming sensible eating habits before you are served large holiday meals. NYC Weightloss Solutions founder Becky Wilborn and her staff of dietitians will show you how to lose weight using a 21-day Metabolic Makeover. You will learn about stimulating your metabolism by eating certain fat burning foods.

Your NYC diet coach will customize a diet plan for you based on your weight, height, and age. The experts at NYC Weightloss Solutions will also design an exercise program enhancing fat burning and muscle toning.

Our coaches explain that yo-yo dieting is not healthy any time of year, especially during the holidays. The goal of losing weight is to have a healthy body that receives good food, not junk or rich, sugary foods. You will learn how to eat smaller portions of rich holiday food and not feel deprived.

The Problem with Sugar

Sweets are never completely satisfying. Refined sugar and carbohydrates often leave people wanting more. The more sugar you consumer, the higher your tolerance for sweets. Your brain becomes conditioned to wanting sugar. This is a form of addiction that explains why you enjoy eating pastries and other sweets that add pounds.

Sugar is found in most processed foods in many forms. Americans eat an estimated 100 pounds of sugar a year. This leads to obesity, digestive problems, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems along with cavities.

Your NYC diet coach will help you break a sugar addiction with awareness of the many foods and drinks that contain sugar. You should avoid these foods to lose weight and lower your LDL or bad cholesterol level. You will learn to substitute fruit for pastries. Fruit, vegetables, and milk contain natural sugars that are not harmful.

Within a few weeks, you will find that one frosted holiday confection is enough. In fact, it may seem too sweet. This will help you confront the rich foods associated with the holiday season without overeating pies, cakes, and other goodies. You will also be able to enjoy holiday meals without overloading your plate.

Meet a NYC Weightloss Solutions Diet Coach

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