Quick-weight-loss-new-yorkExercise is important for weight loss and maintenance. There are several foods not to eat within two hours of a workout. These may be healthy foods, but they do not necessarily provide energy and they may give you indigestion when you exercise. The Weight Loss Coaches at NYC Weightloss Solutions will guide you about your choices so that you can lose weight the healthy way.

Foods to avoid before working out include:

  • High fiber foods including some cereals and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Most energy bars and drinks
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Trail mix
  • Energy shakes
  • Rice cakes
  • High fat foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Muffins, donuts and pastries
  • Most pastas
  • Pizza

You do not want to do an aerobic workout on a full stomach. Your body should not be busy digesting food while you exercise your muscles.

Metabolism Stimulants

NYC Weightloss Solutions stresses the importance of foods such as nuts, beans and vegetables that give you energy and stimulate your metabolism. These are healthy foods high in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. But, these foods should not be consumed less than two hours before a workout. Fiber food may cause flatulence and indigestion during a workout.

Fiber foods are important for a healthy diet, but save them for later. You need protein and some carbohydrates for energy. A little sugar is okay but get the sugar from fruit such as a ripe banana or apple. Try a slice of whole grain toast.

Energy Bars and Drinks

Most energy bars and drinks are packed with sugar. An energy bar with less that 200 calories and one-to-one protein-sugar ratio may be okay. Granola bars and candy bars may raise your glucose level too high and let it drop very fast.

Many energy drinks are also overloaded with sugar. Make your own fruit smoothie and add protein powder that does not contain sugar. You can also eat fruit since it is digested in your intestinal tract.

Drink plenty of water, not energy drinks or liquids advertised to replenish sodium and potassium. You likely have enough of these minerals in your system to last through a workout. You can eat certain fruits high in potassium after the workout to balance your electrolytes. Most carbs contain some salt.

Fluids are important before and during a workout. This is one reason why medical authorities suggest eating light foods – such as fruits that have high water content – before the workout.

After Working Out

You may not be hungry after a workout. Exercise does not stimulate hunger. However, it may be advisable to eat. Protein is still the best choice after exercising. This is time for eggs, yogurt, cheese and lean chicken or meat. You should continue your healthy eating program.

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