Ny-_Medical-weight-lossEating a vegan or vegetarian is a lifestyle choice. It is not a means of dieting. Vegans and vegetarians tend to lose more weight against other lifestyle diets. This is due to the decreased saturated fats in their diet. Vegan and vegetarian diets also contain more carbs, protein, and a balance of fat. You do not have to eat vegan or vegetarian to diet successfully. You have to balance your caloric intake and learn to Lose Weight The Healthy Way.

Eating Vegan or Vegetarian

The vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or diet does not have any animal or animal by-products. It does not contain:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Honey
  • Any form of meat

There are four other forms of diets:

  • Omnivores- People who can eat anything
  • Semi-Vegetarians- Those who can eat meat periodically
  • Pesco- Vegetarians- Do not eat any meat except seafood
  • Vegetarians- Do not eat meat but still eat animal by-products

Trying to decide how to diet is overwhelming. It may be more productive to find a balanced diet instead of a new lifestyle.

Healthy Dieting

The NYC Weightloss Solutions has a wide range of dietary services ensuring a healthy lifestyle through Customized Diet Solutions. There is a weight loss program for you regardless of your lifestyle or needs. Through nutritional principles, NYC Weightloss Solutions will help you successfully achieve your weight-loss goals.

Why the NYC Weightloss Solutions?

Owner and managing director, Becky Wilborn is an authority on healthy comprehensive weight loss. Becky’s team of professional weight-loss specialists provide you one-on-one coaching which sets them apart from other weight loss facilities.

The weight loss specialists at NYC Weightloss Solutions can help if you are:

  • Recovering from a heart attack
  • Cannot tolerate dairy
  • Battling diabetes
  • Following vegetarian lifestyle
  • Experiencing menopausal symptoms
  • Choosy about the food you eat

Discover Customized Dieting

No matter what your diet or lifestyle, the NYC Weightloss Solutions is your answer to balanced, healthy dieting. To schedule your free consultation click below and enter your information online – or – call (212) 759-8118.

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