Ny-nutritionist-doctorMany foods that must be eliminated to lose weight are the foods you consume out of habit. This is why losing weight involves a lifestyle change. There are many foods you can easily eliminate from your diet to lose weight the healthy way.

Common Foods To Eliminate

Some of the common foods you need to eliminate are:

  • Cakes, muffins and other pastries
  • Deep fried foods including chicken and French fries
  • Candy bars and some energy and granola bars
  • Sugary soft drinks
  • Juices with added sugar
  • High calorie coffee drinks
  • Ice cream, milk shakes and other sugared dairy products
  • Chips and snack foods
  • Rich condiments and sauces
  • Some pastas
  • Fatty meats

Enjoy Nutritious Foods

Not all foods are out of bounds when you are trying to lose weight the healthy way through a customized diet plan. When questioning your choices, pick healthy foods rich in nutrients, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Losing weight the healthy way means educating your mind and body to accept the good food and reject the junk foods. This is not always easy when food stores promote packaged food and junk foods high in calories and low in nutritional values.

The list of tasty treats you should avoid cause obesity, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, indigestion, high blood pressure and other problems. Obesity has reached very high levels in the United States because of packaged foods and fast food restaurants. This is a country of busy people eating on the run and who forget about good nutrition.

Making Smart Food Choices

It is just as easy to grab an apple, banana, orange, pear or peach for a snack. An added benefit is that the waste from these fruits is a biodegradable organic peel or a core, not a plastic or cellophane wrapper. You will get sugar from these fruits along with vitamins. Your body will normally digest fruits faster than candy bars or donuts.

The fancy coffee drinks include sugared syrups, whipped cream and other additives. Drink black coffee with low-fat milk instead. Coffee stimulates the metabolism.

Drink pure fruit juice even if you have to squeeze the oranges or grapefruits yourself. Bottled juices and the canned concentrates usually have added sugar. Most energy sport drinks also contain too much sugar.

Greasy fries and chicken dipped in a crunchy fried coating have very little food value compared to their caloric content. Baked chicken breast and potatoes are much healthier. Potatoes are high in potassium, a nutrient that is cooked out when they are deep fried.

Drink water instead of sugared sodas. You should have six glasses of water or other healthy liquids a day.

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