Ny-_Medical-weight-loss-doctorOvercoming binge eating requires patience and retraining your mind and body to accept healthy food. At NYC Weightloss Solutions, you can learn to lose weight the healthy way and stop the cycle of binge eating. Let one of our expert nutritionists help you change your binge eating habits through a customized diet solution.

Understanding Binge Eating

Binge eating is feeding yourself without knowing when to stop.

Other symptoms include:

  • Eating even though you are full
  • Uncontrollable eating when you are alone
  • Often hiding junk food from other family members
  • Eating food quickly
  • Eating continuously without regular meals
  • Eating to relieve anxiety and depression

Some people eat a normal breakfast or dinner and continue to eat rich, sugar-laden dessert foods just to satisfy their taste buds. They are not listening to their bodies.

Others sit in front of the television eating junk food without being fully aware that they are binge eating. Television food ads encourage this behavior.

This is a compulsive behavior that often makes people feel guilty when they realize they have eaten too much food. The guilt can lead to depression and more overeating.

Helpful hints

We advise people with binge eating problems to substitute healthy food for the foods they consume while overeating. Enjoying regular meals with some fat but limited sugar is necessary to control binge eating. Junk food should be removed from the home.

We show people how to enjoy fruits, nuts, and berries in place of pastries, chips and other empty-calorie foods. The amounts consumed are not as important as the quality. The concept is to eat slowly and enjoy the taste of these foods to satisfy cravings for more food. The goal is to eat mindfully, not mindlessly.

We also suggest exercise, which can actually reduce the craving for food. Our clients are advised to join a gym, especially during the winter season. Walking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, bike riding, gardening, and other activities are recommended when the weather permits.

Other recommendations include turning off the television. Favorite TV programs can be recorded and played using fast-forward through the ads to avoid food commercials. Spending less time in front of the TV and more time involved in activities can lower a person’s interest in eating.

Get Help to Overcome Binge Eating

Learning to control overeating is not the same as dieting. Past diets probably did not work. This is a major lifestyle change to improve your health, prevent heart disease and diabetes. You may find you have increased your metabolism by eating vegetables, fruits, and protein rich foods high in nutrients and low in sugar.

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