Cellulite ThighLipo Ultrasound Body Sculpting – the ultimate fat burner – has a long lasting effect on people who continue to follow a healthy eating plan. The ultrasound system has proven to be safe and effective in getting rid of the fat on the waist, abdomen, hips and thighs. This actually drains the lipids in fat cells through the lymphatic system. It works better than stomach crunches and hip rolls to get rid of the fat cells or adipocytes in certain areas.

The Ultimate Fat Burner

This program must be accompanied by a healthy weight loss and maintenance diet that stimulates the metabolism and gives you energy. Every person needs fat cells for support and insulation. Fat cells are made up of lipids, including triglycerides or sugars. Too many cells are unhealthy.

Fat is measured through the Body Mass Index. A normal body mass is 18.5% to 24.9% on average for women and men. Height, age and bone structure can also be taken into consideration. A rating over 25% is an indication of overweight that should be controlled.

A body mass index that is over 31% fat is considered obese. This excess fat can slow down the body and lead to heart disease and other problems. A fat burning eating plan and exercise will help to eliminate this excess body fat.

A person accumulates fat cells as a child and adolescent. The actual number of fat cells a person will have for life may be established by the time she or he is an adult. Healthy eating during childhood should limit the growth of excess fat cells.

Fat cells, like most cells in the body, die off and they are replaced with new ones. Eating foods high in sugar and other carbohydrates will expand those cells, especially in the abdomen and torso areas. These are cells Lipo Ultrasonic Body Sculpting targets. The cells actually shrink as the excess lipids are removed. But they can expand again if they are used to store more sugar.

Fat burning foods prevent the return of excess fat by using the foods to produce energy. The fat cells will not be stored in your body as long as the food you eat is used for energy.

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