Every weight loss program claims to produce rapid weight loss and a faster metabolism. Yet, millions of people who try these diets end up gaining all of their weight back once the program has ended.

These type of diet programs create a vicious cycle for people trying to lose weight and can be damaging to your health. For successful and sustainable weight loss, you need a program that is customized to your personal needs, and is designed for long term results. Ny-_Medical-weight-loss-doctor

Even if a program claims to offer long term results, their clients often sing a different tune. That’s why it’s important to find a diet program that has a proven track record and excellent reviews.

The NYC Weightloss Solutions has been helping people lose weight since 1973, and they also give them the tools they need to keep it off for good. The testimonials they have received from past and present clients are evidence of the quality and effective programs provided at the NYC Weightloss Solutions.

Nutritionist Testimonials

One of the most important parts of any diet is getting good nutrition. The experts at The NYC Weightloss Solutions offer personalized nutritional advice to help clients to quickly shed pounds and feel more energized.

Here are a few nutritionist testimonials written by satisfied clients:

This is what Dr. Laura Nash had to say about what NYC Weightloss Solutions has done for her patients…

“These are patients who have dieted for years and years, who have lost and gained, over and over, who have spent so many hours thinking about what, when, and how to eat and exercise.  Now I tell them, “If you are really ready to stop wasting your time and finally get the job done, you need help and you need the NYC Weightloss Solutions.” 

The director of ABC Sports, Doug W., is also a client at The NYC Weightloss Solutions. His customized program gave him results, even when everything else had failed…

“Like thousands of others, I have been ‘on a diet’ for decades. I think I’ve gone through most of the fads and dietary fantasies that have come and gone through the years. I remember ‘the Drinking Man’s Diet’ with particular fondness! All of the diets worked, by the way – FOR A SHORT TIME, A VERY SHORT TIME! But DIET CENTER has worked for THE LONG HAUL.”

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Now, It’s Your Turn

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