Nutritionist-doctor-nyMany tasty foods will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat. Your metabolism is your body’s basic calorie or energy usage rate when you are at rest. Exercise is a means of using more calories or units of energy to burn fat. Certain foods also take more energy to process efficiently. These are the metabolism boosters and they help you lose weight the healthy way.

Metabolism Boosters and the Thermic Effect

There is a long list of metabolism boosting foods that are good to eat and use energy to break down in your digestive system. This is the Thermic Effect of foods. These are natural foods, not processed or packaged items.

  • Berries, including blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
  • Citrus fruits
  • Nuts, including almonds and walnuts – nuts are for people who are not allergic
  • Olive oil and olives
  • Cold water fish
  • Beans
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Whole grains including oats and quinoa
  • Chili peppers, garlic, onions and other spices
  • Black coffee and green tea

These are just a few of the items that boost the metabolism. These foods are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements.

Foods rich in iron including spinach, kale and other leafy greens, stimulate the metabolism. Lean red meat and poultry are also acceptable boosters. Some dairy products and eggs are also necessary for a balanced diet. Eggs are protein and they contain choline, a compound needed to transport fats out of the liver.

You can eat regular portions of these foods. You may actually feel full faster eating food with polyunsaturated fats and protein. Food with high sugar content do not give you the full feeling.

Metabolic Makeover

Part of the program at NYC Weightloss Solutions is the Metabolic Makeover that jump-starts your metabolism into burning fat quickly. Your body starts to use that extra fat immediately. Toxins in your body are expelled with your waste.

This program is customized to fit each individual. Some people can lose 10-15 pounds in three weeks on this plan. We also provide tasty recipes and our special products that help you through the afternoon munchies.

Each plan is based on a person’s needs including her or his existing weight. We establish realistic goals within a time frame. Exercise plans are also developed for each person based on individual needs.

Get Onboard Now During the Eating Season

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