You can easily gauge your water, sugar and salt intake on a daily basis. Understanding how much of each you need will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Water is the Source of Life

You can drink as much water as you like. You are encouraged to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. This can be clean tap water or bottled water, depending on where you live and work. You can drink coffee and tea without sugar, artificial sweeteners, cream or non-dairy substitutes. Clear liquids are always recommended. Soft drinks are discouraged.

If you want to measure your water intake, look for a cute app on your Smartphone that waters a plant every time you drink water. This is a fun game if you have time for it. If not, keep an insulated container on your desk or work area and just take note when you fill it.

You can purchase a liter container and keep it with you. Try to refill it with water several times during the day. Water washes out toxins in your system. Yes, the more water you drink – the more trips to the bathroom – but this is necessary to keep liquid moving through your system.

Salt Intake

Your body is made of liquid and salt, so some sodium is necessary. More salt may be necessary if you exercise and sweat.

Salt helps to retain water and that can lead to high blood pressure. Many women find they retain water certain times of the month. Eliminating salt can lower temporary water retention prior to menstruation.

The daily recommendation for sodium is 2.3 grams. Salt is in just about everything you eat. Forget about the salty chips. Add a little salt to food if necessary but try to use the seasoning blends that don’t contain salt. Salt is in many foods including cheese and crackers. Read packaged food labels for sodium content.

You can measure out 2300 milligrams of salt into a plastic bag and use only that amount to season food. You may eventually find that you don’t need it.


Eliminate all processed sweet products from your diet including soft drinks. Drink tea and coffee without sugar. You will lose weight. Your sugar can come from fruit and vegetables, not candy, cookies and cake.

Write down any processed sugar products that you eat in a day. You will eventually find that you don’t want them.

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