11190724 - mother and teenage daughter enjoying meal at homeEliminating processed foods from your diet will help you lose weight and lower blood pressure. Processed foods are high in sodium (salt), sugar, artificial food coloring and flavors, preservatives, additives, and other chemicals you body does not need. The Weight Loss Coaches at NYC Weightloss Solutions want to help you eliminate processed foods from your diet so that you can lose weight the healthy way.

Eliminate Processed Foods

Sodium is a major ingredient since salt does work as a preservative with some foods. Sodium is found in most processed foods including:

  • Canned soups and vegetables
  • Dried packed foods including soups and dips
  • Salad dressings and condiments
  • All products with soy
  • Processed meats

While your body needs some salt, it does not need the excessive amounts found in processed foods. Salt holds in liquid and upsets the normal electrolyte balance needed for good health. Water retention leads to high blood pressure and other problems.

Many overweight people are given diuretics to force liquid waste out of their systems. Too much salt is holding in liquid waste that needs to be expelled. Many people taking diuretics may say that they are not adding excessive salt to their foods. They do not realize that sodium in processed foods is part of the problem.

Lose Weight Without Processed Foods

Eating natural foods including fruits and vegetables, is the key to permanent weight loss and management. You are cutting out the processed sugar as well as salt. Natural sugar or fructose is found in fruits.

This is not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup, a processed food found in many products, especially soft drinks. This form of sugar is one of the culprits leading to obesity and type-2 diabetes. Sugar substitutes are chemicals that you body does not need, either.

Hydrogenated corn oil is another culprit in processed food. Extra hydrogen is added to vegetable oils to make them solid at average room temperature. This does not help your digestion.

Artificial flavorings are chemical creations of the real flavors. Preservatives such as MSG are high in salt and chemicals your body may reject. Food coloring makes gelatin and other foods look pretty. The colors are derived from chemicals rather than natural foods.

An example: A strawberry flavored drink may not contain any real strawberries. It has artificial flavor and color. This will be evident on the label in very small, fine print.

Learn How to Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet

Your body will benefit from cutting out processed foods by giving you more energy. You will be eating foods that stimulate your metabolism and don’t make you sluggish. Your body will digest food faster.

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