39033414 - virgin olive oil pouring in a bowl close upThere are several alternatives to butter on the market that many people unknowing pass over at the market. Over the years, through advertising, we have been swayed toward margarine and other butter substitutes. These products have ended up being just as unhealthy for our bodies. There are several other alternatives to butter providing tastier and healthier options.

Tasty Alternatives to Butter

Try one of these tasty alternatives to butter. You will soon find one – or each – of them preferable to butter. Several oils offer more food value.

These include:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Peanut oil and other nut oils

Olive Oil

Olive oils has been used for cooking, medicine, and skin moisturizers since ancient times. Olive trees are found throughout the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. Olive oil has always been a basic ingredient to cook foods in these regions. The popularity of olive oil has spread throughout the world – including America. Olives are grown in warm regions of the United States, Mexico, and Latin American countries.

Olives and their oil are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Olive oil can reduce inflammation. Squalene and lignans are components of olive oil used in cancer treatments.

Olive oil is beneficial to the heart and blood pressure. It is high in saturated fats helping to lower bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Triglycerides refer to blood sugars making olive oil beneficial for certain types of diabetes.

The list of benefits is endless and there are many types of olive oil on the market. Light and heavier olive oils can be used for stirfry cooking, salads, dips, and spreads. Drizzle a combination of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on a salad for a sugar-free dressing. Add a garlic clove to a bottle of olive oil for more flavor. Garlic stimulates the metabolism. Pour olive oil and seasonings on a baked potato in place of butter.

Coconut Oil

This is another one of the alternatives to butter offering a subtle, tropical flavor to foods. It is used in stirfry cooking and requires only medium heat. Coconut oil solidifies in temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit and spreads like butter on bread.

  • No cholesterol
  • Contains the saturated fat encouraging HDL or the good cholesterol level in blood
  • Helps with thyroid problems and possibly wards off ailments associated with natural aging
  • Smells and tastes good
  • Works as a wonderful skin moisturizer and a base oil for making soap

Peanut Oil

This tasty oil is only for people who DO NOT HAVE NUT ALLERGIES. Peanut oil is high in Vitamin E and phytosterols that benefit the heart. Oleic acid – found in peanut oil, olive, and coconut oil – increases your good HDL cholesterol. Peanut oil is commonly used in Asian cooking to add the flavor we enjoy from our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Other nut oils include walnut, almond, and hazelnut. Sesame seed oil sprinkled on steamed vegetables enhances flavor more than butter.

More Alternative Dieting Tips

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