best nyc weight loss coachThere is no magic pill to fight belly fat. Diets, exercise, sleep, and lowering stress will help. The Ultimate Fat Burner will help to accelerate your loss of inches during diet and exercise. We are pleased to introduce our new Lipo Ultrasound Body Sculpting! Many clients love the Ultimate Fat Burner for the tightening effects it has on their body as well as enhancing skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage.

Fight Belly Fat

Even slim people have some extra fat in the abdominal area. This is natural since the digestive organs are cushioned by fat tissue. Too much abdominal fat can lead to various problems including heart conditions, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal disease.

Your genetic body shape and bone structure will determine the basic amount of fat that forms around your stomach and torso. Diet also contributes to body shape.

Men often find that the abdominal area is the first place they put on extra fat. Women tend to collect extra weight on their hips and thighs as well as the waist and stomach.

You don’t have to do 100 stomach crunches to keep off the belly fat. Walking swimming and aerobic exercise strengthen muscles and burn off fat. Yoga, Pilates and other exercises stretch muscles and improve circulation. A combination of these exercises results in good health and lower abdominal fat.

Play golf, tennis, ride a bicycle, run or jog. Enjoy fresh air when the weather permits. Gardening, raking leaves and working around your home also keep you active. This is important for people with desk jobs.

Exercise has to be part of your lifestyle for good health. It cannot be used occasionally to work off a big meal.

Diet Makes the Difference

A diet of fat-burning and high-fiber foods will help control belly fat. Refined sugar and carbohydrates will not help. Sugar and starchy foods are digested slowly in the stomach and expand the fat tissue in the abdominal area. Foods high in fiber move down the intestinal tract where the vitamins and other nutrients are digested. These are gut-friendly foods.

Fiber, mixed with water and other clear liquids, helps to move waste through the digestive tract. Exercise also helps to keep good food moving through the system.

Body Sculpting

The Ultimate Fat Burner system helps to melt belly fat along with fatty tissue in thighs, hips and buttocks. This is an immediate fix that is non-invasive and not painful.

To make this work on a permanent basis, you must embrace good eating habits that include fat-burning foods. Forget about rich foods and concentrate on plant-based foods, lean meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.

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