The problem with trendy diets is they are overly complicated and unrealistic for most lifestyles. In many cases, weight loss can be achieved by following some very simple and practical eating guidelines.

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Ny-nutritionist-doctor (1)Here are 5 healthy weight loss tips from a top NYC nutritionist – NYC Weightloss Solutions’s Becky Wilborn.

1. Allow Yourself to Indulge

One of the reasons why fad diets simply don’t work is because of the restrictions they place on dieters. It’s unrealistic to avoid restaurants, cupcakes, and lattes diligently.

The trick is learning how to eat these foods in moderation. For example, try clearing out all of the junk food from your cabinets and only eat these foods on special occasions. Or if you love eating out, limit yourself to only going once or twice a month instead of once or twice a week.

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories

If you want to seriously cut back on calories, try eliminating some of the surgery drinks (i.e. – juice, sweet tea, soda, etc.) in your diet and you’ll be amazed at the results.

These unhealthy drinks offer little to no nutritional value, and you can actually become physically addicted to them as well. Not only will cutting back help you lose weight, but you’ll feel much better too.

3. Eat More Protein

In regard to weight loss, protein is the closest thing we have to a magic solution. It keeps you feeling full all day while boosting your metabolism and reducing cravings.

Try starting off your day with a protein shake or incorporate more lean, healthy meats into your diet in order to get the recommended daily intake. Your waistline will thank you for it!

4. Stay Away from Processed Foods

Admittedly, processed foods can be incredibly easy and convenient, but are they really worth your health and well-being?

Eat more fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats to feel an immediate difference in your mood and health. Also, make sure to pump extra flavor into your meals by adding a wide variety of herbs and spices. These additions keep foods creative and interesting.

5. Get Up and Get Moving

The benefits of a healthy diet can be amplified immensely with the addition of regular physical activity. And, don’t worry if going to the gym isn’t your thing.

Try to make the most of exercising by finding fun and exhilarating activities that you can participate in on a regular basis. You might be surprised to find out you actually love to workout!

Weight Loss NYC

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