Losing weight isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t include excessive bleeding, infections, ulcers, and stomach perforation. Sadly, too many Americans are experiencing these complications after undergoing weight loss surgery. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, nearly 180,000 people had weight loss surgery in 2013. Many suffered from complications.

Healthy Weight Loss

Diet_Center_Summer_Ad_2015While all the flashy ads might make bariatric surgery seem like an easy way out of obesity, the truth is that having the surgery is risky. For many people, choosing a healthy approach to losing weight is much more likely to be the better choice. A healthy approach is one including:

  • Sensible diet
  • Reasonable exercise
  • One-on-one support

Here’s a look at healthy weight loss versus the risks associated with weight loss surgery.

The Physical Risks

There is no disputing that bariatric surgeries can work for some people, but they aren’t easy on the body. They are invasive, often involving 8 to 10-inch incisions in the abdomen. Even the laparoscopic method of surgery involve cutting the body open.

Recovery can take weeks and pain is common. It’s common for incisions to become infected. Sometimes internal bleeding occurs. People also report stomach perforation, which may or may not go away.

Losing weight through diet and exercise can hurt too. But, it’s a different type of pain. It’s a general soreness occurring when a person is building muscle. This pain is temporary. It goes away relatively quickly and results in stronger, leaner bodies.

The Mental Risks

It’s been well documented that many people who undergo bariatric surgery experience mental and emotional issues. Anxiety and depression are common. Two common side effects of weight loss surgery result in anxiety and depression:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Lack of sleep.

Many people also struggle to adapt to new eating habits. Taking on new diets may require that they never eat certain foods again.

These problems typically don’t exist in weight loss programs combining a healthy diet and exercise. In fact, most people who lose weight by working out and watching what they eat experience more energy, focus, and a feeling of genuine accomplishment. They have the dedication, skills, and support to achieve their goals. They take pride in the solution their customized diet solution.

The Financial Risks

There are financial risks associated with both bariatric surgery and a healthy approach to losing weight. Surgery, though, is a lot more expensive. Diet and exercise programs often accept flex spending and HSA accounts. Bariatric surgery is often covered by health insurance. However, sometimes surgery doesn’t work and can wind up costing even more in the long run.

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