commuter-bikeYou sit in traffic for 45 minutes or more in each direction if you are a commuter. New York and New Jersey traffic is heavy no matter which direction you travel.

  • You are spending time in a car, bus, van or commuter rail system and it can be stressful
  • You grab a muffin and your commuter coffee cup on the way to work
  • You may decide to pull into a fast food drive through and buy fries and a soft drink on your way home

This is not a healthy way to lose weight.

Manage the Commute

Take time in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee and fruit. Eat a slice of whole grain toast or a bowl of cereal without sugar. Take an orange, apple or another fruit to eat while you are commuting, if possible. Forget the muffins, donuts and pastries. You will get more energy from the fruit.

Snack on fruit and save a banana or peach for that ride home. Fill your commuter carry cup with fresh water and ice or hot tea, depending on the weather. Try to relax even though traffic is frustrating.

Avoid packaged pastries, candy bars and other foods that might be available at commuter train stations. Bring your own snacks such as a small package of nuts.

Exercise During Work Hours

If you can ride a bicycle to work and back, you are ahead of the commuter traffic as long as you have safe bike lanes. Weather is also a consideration.

You may be able to walk or ride a bike to a commuter parking lot when the weather permits. This will give you a little more exercise.

Take a walk around your office building or to a nearby park during lunch. Bringing your own lunch will give you more time for a little exercise since you won’t have to wait to be served. You may be able to ride a bike around Manhattan when the bike share program is available. If you work close to a gym, consider joining and working out early or later in the day.

More Helpful Weight Loss Resources from NYC Weightloss Solutions

Eating healthy foods throughout the work day can help you get through your long commute. Preparing healthy meals ready to heat and eat when you arrive home will also benefit you and your family with weight loss and maintenance.

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