NYC diet centerMany people considering quitting smoking worry they will gain weight. Gaining weight is not a good excuse to continue smoking. Not all smokers who give up the habit will gain weight. The few that do only see about four to ten pounds added to their weight. Cigarettes and weight gain can be controlled through some simple strategies.

Simple Strategies for Cigarettes and Weight Gain

The nicotine received from smoking boosts the metabolic rate in the body. The boost helps burn calories as the heart rate increases 10 to 20 beats a minute. It is a healthy change when a smoker quits as the metabolic rate returns to normal.

Some simple strategies for cigarettes and weight gain control.

  • Monitor what goes in one’s mouth – oral fixations
  • Do not begin a crash diet
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Keep busy
  • Talk with a weight loss specialist
  • Keep over-all health in perspective

Cigarettes and Weight Gain

Monitoring what goes in one’s mouth is important as many ex-smokers turn to food to satisfy an oral gratification of putting something in their mouth. Choose low or zero calorie items to replace the cigarette such as sugar-free candies or carrot sticks.

  • Do not begin a crash diet. The stress of quitting is hard enough on a body’s system. Instead, eat foods rich in nutrients and lower in calories.
  • Be realistic in expectations and do not use weight gain as an excuse to go back to cigarettes. It is acceptable to gain a few pounds when nicotine is removed from the body.
  • Keep busy and keep the mind distracted from wanting to smoke. Become more physical and perform activities that do not involve food.
  • Talking to a weight loss specialist can guide you toward effective nicotine replacement products to help keep your body from craving nicotine. A weight loss specialist can also suggest replacement therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Remember that quitting smoking improves the overall health of a body. When a person quits smoking they add years to their life and this is important to keep in perspective. Do not let weight gain derail the efforts of quitting.

Customized Diet Solutions

The NYC Weightloss Solutions has a customized diet solution to ensure weight gain can be controlled when a client stops smoking. The experienced weight loss specialists at the NYC Weightloss Solutions provide professional guidance and behavior modification. It is not just another diet, it is a lifestyle change for a healthier future.

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