RF-Cavitation-PicMany people become frustrated after dieting and exercising when they still have unsightly fat pouches. They would like to avoid weight loss surgery – especially liposuction if possible – for these reasons:

  • Invasive
  • Pricey
  • Extensive Recovery

Introducing NYC Weightloss Solutions’s Ultimate Fat Burner!

Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment Options

If you’re interested in getting a sculpted body for the beach or a just want to tighten up a few areas, here are some other non-invasive fat loss treatment options.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Using high energy sound waves, fat is melted and removed from your body. With this method, you’ll lose less blood as the fat is removed. Recovery is not long. This method is especially useful with areas like the back and the sides. You can reach results in as little as one session.

Cool Sculpting

Generally, cool sculpting works most efficiently for those close to their target weight and only have a few spots they want to tighten up – such as their stomach, hips, or thighs. This process cools your fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. As these fat tissues die, they’re flushed from your body, and you can expect to see a final transformation after three months.


This method uses a cool laser to target superficial fat cells, getting them to release. Once it is flushed out, the fat cell has literally shrunk. Many people like this method because you can see results within only a few weeks.


While most non-invasive fat loss treatments only work if you have 25 percent fat loss to lose or less, iLipo can work to target fat on your entire stomach or on a flabby thigh. It uses thermal heat energy to help cells break down and release fat. You’ll need at least five to six sessions and you need to exercise for 20 minutes daily during treatment to help flush the fat out.

Discover Effective Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment Options

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