When people decide to lose weight they often look for the quickest solution. This is often not the healthiest solution even though losing weight is supposed to create a healthier you. Losing weight fast and safely are not terms that should be used together. Invasive treatments are often done quickly, which is incredibly unsafe under most conditions. The NYC Weightloss Solutions offers non-invasive fat loss solutions that are completely safe approaches to weight loss.

RF-Cavitation-PicNon Invasive Fat Loss Options

The NYC Weightloss Solutions’s non invasive fat loss treatments.

The Ultimate Fat Burner

Lipo Ultrasound Body Sculpting is a non-invasive weight loss treatment for specific parts of the body. It is renowned for the tightening effects it has on the body – as well as how it enhances skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage.

Problem areas usually include the:

  • The stomach and its Love Handles
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

These areas normally require only a ‘tune-up’ for those who are in fairly decent shape and just want some trouble areas refined. This procedure is not recommended for those who are considered overweight.

Laser Shaping

Laser Shaping is very much like Cool Sculpting, however, it is performed with lasers. This is a non-invasive fat loss method which makes a liquid of bad fat cells and turns them into a natural waste. This procedure normally has to be performed several times before a patient begins to see significant results. The treatments are normally performed over a two week period, but will not result in any downtime. Patients can continue with normal routines after treatments.

Diet and Exercise

The basic method of eating right and getting the proper exercise is the old-fashioned non-invasive fat loss method. This is probably the healthiest and safest choice to losing weight. The NYC Weightloss Solutions can set up a customized diet solution providing you with effective and safe results.

  • Higher energy levels
  • Faster metabolism
  • A lower risk of heart disease
  • A lower risk of diabetes
  • Improved mood
  • A higher self-esteem

These are benefits achieved through losing weight with diet and exercise not be attainable through other non-invasive fat loss methods. This method will also enable a person to make real life changes in their normal eating and exercise patterns affecting overall health and happiness.

Non Invasive Fat Loss – The Fat Burner

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