Weight loss surgery has become more popular than ever. Even though these surgeries carry significant risk, they can also result in dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time. While weight loss surgery can be an effective tool if you desire to lose weight, it should only be considered an option as a last resort. Non surgical weight loss methods can be equally effective, and they do not carry the risk that surgery does.

Surgical Weight Loss Nutritionist-doctor-new-york

There are numerous procedures available for those seeking surgical intervention for weight loss. They include operations such as gastric bypass and lap-band surgeries which often produce rapid weight loss. However, these surgeries rarely address the emotional, physiological, and psychological reasons why a person started overeating in the first place.

If the root causes of weight gain are ignored, the patient usually replaces their need for food with another unhealthy habit such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or shopping. Unless a person resolves the underlying issues that caused their weight gain, they may continue to make unhealthy decisions that affect their well-being.

Furthermore, any kind of surgery comes with a substantial amount of risk, even the risk of death. More commonly, patients experience post-surgery blood clots and other medical complications. Sagging skin is one of the most common complaints among those who have undergone a weight loss operation.

Weight loss procedures were originally designed for patients who were completely out of other options and facing a life or death decision. However, most people do not fit into this category and can gain numerous benefits from choosing to lose weight without surgical intervention.

Non Surgical Weight Loss

Non surgical weight loss, when done right, will include a complete change in lifestyle. A person must learn how to nourish their body and mind with healthy foods that boost the metabolism and increase energy levels. On the other hand, weight loss surgery causes the body to go into starvation mode by reducing the size of the stomach.

Also, since natural weight loss typically happens over a long period of time, your skin is allowed to adjust to the changes in stages rather than all at once. This prevents an excess of saggy skin that is the result of many surgical weight loss procedures.

The bottom line is, whether you lose weight the natural way or with surgery, you have to invest in and commit to a new lifestyle that includes healthy choices on a consistent basis. Even surgeries will ultimately end in failure unless significant lifestyle changes take place.

Long-term Success is Key

The NYC Weightloss Solutions specializes in designing programs that produce safe and rapid weight loss. However, they also provide the tools you need for long term success. With one-on-one counseling and customized diet solutions, The NYC Weightloss Solutions has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals.

Losing weight is a journey, no matter how you choose to get there. The caring staff at The NYC Weightloss Solutions will help you along every step of the way.

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