cache_2794428404Planning a vacation is exciting! It’s time to play and enjoy yourself. You look forward to relaxing and having fun in a new and different environment. You can enjoy a holiday away from home for a few days or more and still eat well and exercise. NYC Weightloss Solutions counselors will help you with a healthy diet plan for a revitalizing vacation.

Vacation The Healthy Way

Taking a vacation the healthy way involves exercise, outdoor activities, and eating good food. This is especially important if you are on a cruise, at a resort, or on a tour since meals are prepared and included in your package deal.

Cruising the Healthy Way

Cruise ship passage includes endless food. The ships serve three sit-down meals a day in several restaurants and offer limitless snacks. It is tempting to try many of the exotic foods and dessert buffets from every continent.

Fortunately, many cruise ships now offer healthier food choices at all meals. Cruise line chefs have created healthy and tempting salad dishes. They prepare artfully presented meals for vegetarians, diabetics, and people on restricted diets. The menus on many cruise ships will tell you the nutrition content of the dishes.

Avoid the fruity rum drinks and other creative alcoholic beverages in souvenir glasses whenever possible. Stick to a glass of wine with meals. Remember that cruise lines, like restaurants, make a substantial profit on alcohol drinks.

Vacation the healthy way by taking full advantage of the ship’s exercise classes, work-out gym, promenade deck, and pools while you are at sea. Walk when you are in port.


Many resorts are all-inclusive, meaning your meals are included. Most all-inclusive resorts offer fruits and local vegetables in addition to meat, fish, and poultry. Many of the meals are buffet. Don’t overload your plates at the buffet and eat as much fresh food as possible.

Resorts usually offer golf, tennis, swimming, and other physical activities to keep guests busy. Exercise as much as possible and have fun doing it. Exercise classes, including aerobics and yoga, are offered at many resorts. Try something different such as kayaking, horseback riding, or a zipline.


Guided tours often involve walking which is good for most people. You may also have recreational facilities available at the hotels where you stay. Use the swimming pools and gyms when possible.

You can request special foods when you reserve a tour but you may want to try local delicacies. Many restaurants in foreign countries serve the healthy foods that sustain their population.

You will need to drink plenty of water when you vacation the healthy way, especially when you holiday in the sun. This keeps you hydrated, a necessity for good health. Drink bottled water if you are unsure of the cleanliness of the local water supply.

Discover a Healthy Lifestyle

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