teens-eating-healthyChildren eat the food their parents bring into the home. They grow up eating your food and pick their favorites. Many teenage favorites are high in sugar and empty calories. It is hard for parents to make kids understand that what they see on TV is not healthy for them in the long run. Let the Weight Loss Coaches at NYC Weightloss Solutions help you and your teens lose and maintain weight the healthy way.

Prevent Overweight Teens

Youngsters also watch television and learn about the junk foods continually advertised. Those candy bars and sugared drinks look good and kids want to try them. Sugared cereals advertised by animated characters are popular with children.

Effect of Sugar

Children who consume foods high in sugar often become hyperactive and then eventually become very sluggish. Sugar raises their energy level and then drops very fast.

Protein will help children maintain an even energy level. The right proteins along with fruits and vegetables will provide better health. Junk food will give them empty calories.

Sweet foods can be occasional treats, but the emphasis has to be on good nutrition. Healthy food can taste good. Vegetables prepared with seasonings will be enjoyed and parents will not have to tell kids – eat your vegetables.

Fresh Versus Packaged Foods

Packaged foods that kids can heat in the microwave will always be advertised on TV. These foods have preservatives and additives that no one needs. They contain sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. MSG and other preservatives as part of the mix.

  • Encourage youngsters not to eat packaged food
  • Have plenty of fresh fruits, nuts, cheese and berries around for children when they are old enough to eat these foods
  • Have teens help you shop for and prepare food for healthy, balanced meals

Set Examples

Overweight parents often find their children gaining excess weight at early ages. Scientists are trying to decide if genetics play a role in obesity. Children often inherit one parent’s body type, including height, bone structure, and the approximate number of fat cells. Diabetes and other conditions can also be inherited.

The way your child grows still depends on what they consume on a daily basis. If you frequent fast food restaurants, your child will eat burgers, fries, and sugared drinks. Most of these foods have little or no food value compared to their caloric intake. They can also lead to indigestion and obesity.

It is time to introduce your children to eating good food and establishing a healthy lifestyle for them and yourself. This includes regular exercise.

NYC Weightloss Solutions Helps Overweight Teens and Adults

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