Screen_Shot_2014-05-12_at_1.06.08_PMThe holidays season is near and this is also known as the eating season. Too many people go back to binge eating on rich foods and try to lose the pounds they put on in January. This is not healthy nor is it necessary.

Seasonal Protein Helps to Lose Weight

There are healthy foods that you can eat and still lose or maintain a good weight during the holiday season. Turkey, lean ham, chicken and other proteins are high on the holiday menu. Enjoy them. Take lean turkey meat for Thanksgiving and go light on the stuffing and gravy. The protein foods will fill you better than the stuffing, mashed potatoes or over-sweetened yams.

Eat fish whenever you have the opportunity. Cold water fish are healthy baked or broiled. These stimulate the metabolism. If you are at a cocktail party, eat cheese and nuts instead of chips. Nuts are high in protein and also stimulate the metabolism.

High Fiber Foods

Fall and winter are seasons for squashes in many different colors, shapes and flavors. Acorn, Danish and other yellow squashes, including pumpkins, are high in fiber and flavor.

Steam or bake your favorite yellow squash and add a sprinkle of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. You will have flavors similar to pumpkin pie without the sugar. Use oregano, rosemary, and thyme on zucchini and other similar squash varieties.

Eat salads. Don’t forget to enjoy the best fresh vegetables of the season. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce varieties, peppers, carrots, and celery are always available. Bean salads are high in fiber and filling.

Wine and Chocolate

Plain dark chocolate that is 50 percent or more cocoa is not a bad thing to eat in small amounts. It is the rich confections with sugar and chocolate flavoring that put on the pounds. Avoid the candy dishes and munch nuts instead.

A glass of wine with dinner is a digestive aid. Enjoy your favorite wine during the holidays as an accompaniment to meals.

Do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach. East a little plain yogurt or cheese before you drink. The dairy products will line your stomach so the alcohol is not absorbed as quickly.

Eat Regular Meals and Exercise

Eat small meals throughout the day if you are dining at someone’s house for a holiday meal. Don’t arrive hungry, ready to stuff yourself. And don’t be intimidated if people comment on your small portions. Explain that your stomach fills up faster.

Keep up your exercise routine to strengthen your body and burn calories

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