top NYC nutritionistMaking a few simple and small adjustments to your meals saves calories and guides you toward healthy eating habits.

Here are a few suggestions to help you to lose weight the healthy way:

  • Serve smaller portions and eat slowly
  • Listen to your stomach and stop eating when you are full
  • Don’t let yourself get too hungry so you won’t binge
  • Put more emphasis on salads, vegetables, and low fat dairy products
  • Serve very lean meat, poultry, and fish
  • Cut back on butter, salt, and sugar
  • Snack on healthy food
  • Drink more water

Adjustments to Meals with Portion Control

It is easy to take a smaller helping of food at all meals. Part of successful weight loss is learning not to stuff yourself while improving digestion. Knowing when to stop can keep you from binge eating at any meal or when you snack.

Eat and chew slowly. Do not eat in a hurry. People who “grab a bite” often eat more than they need and experience indigestion. They grab food loaded with sugar or unhealthy starches because they believe it will be filling.

If you normally eat a sandwich for lunch, try half a sandwich and a green salad tossed with olive oil and vinegar.

Cutting Back

Use less sugar in your coffee and non-fat milk if you add milk to your coffee. Forget those non-dairy creamers. They are loaded with sugar and chemicals.

Drink water instead of sodas. A glass of water or 100% natural juice will rehydrate you after a workout. Add a slice of lemon to water.

Sports drinks are loaded with sugar and salt. Sugared sodas made with food coloring and artificial flavors contribute to the current obesity epidemic. Diet sodas are not any better since they contains chemicals as sugar substitutes.

Eat nuts and seeds for a snack instead of chips. Nuts and sunflower seeds have B vitamins and other nutrients. They usually have less salt than chips. An apple or other fruit makes a good snack.

Eat Complex Carbohydrates

Trade in the white rice for brown rice. Throw out the sugared cereal and eat unsweetened cereals, oats, quinoa and whole grain breads. Foods high in fiber will fill you up faster and improve your digestion.

Beans are high in vitamins, fiber and protein. This includes black beans, white and red beans along with peas and string beans.

Adjustments to Meals Improve Your Health

Our goal at NYC Weightloss Solutions is to help you enjoy healthy food with tasty recipes. Starting with simple and easy adjustments will lead to larger changes in your eating habits.

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