33132173 - loblaws supermarket in toronto, ontario, canadaSupermarkets carry at least 50,000 items on their shelves. Many of these food items have expiration dates indicating their expiration date or shelf life. Stores try to move them out as soon as possible. Fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and other perishables need to be sold immediately. Learning how to carefully navigate a supermarket will help you to lose weight the healthy way.

Supermarket Secrets

The produce department that takes up about 20 percent of the store is usually near the entrance at most supermarket chains. The fruits and vegetables are colorful and they look fresh. Flowers are often near the entrance as well.

Food Arrangements

The fruits are often sprayed with water to keep them fresh. Water sprays do not really help, they may even speed up rotting. But, the water may add a little weight to the lettuce or other greens that are scaled for pricing.

Another entry area may be near the delicatessen and bakery offering roasted chicken and fresh baked items. Cakes and pastries are on display when you enter because their fragrance entice you to crave and buy.

Dairy products and the butcher department are generally in the back of a store where perishable foods can be loaded from the cold storage trucks to the market’s cold storage and display coolers. This quick loading of perishable items was developed to keep them cold at all times.

The butcher department is in the cooler back area as well. This includes a cold meat locker. Shoppers do not really want to see the delivery people walking through the store carrying a side of beef. Shoppers like to see neatly displayed cuts and carefully shrink-wrapped packages of meat, poultry and fish.

Impulse shopping

Many food stores guide shoppers into the store with an entry along a row of shelves stocked with packaged goods often advertised as specials. The shopper who came in for a carton of eggs passes through a row of crackers, cookies, chips and other packaged foods. Store arrangers hope that shoppers will fill their carts with some of these items before finding the products they really need.

Many food companies make special arrangements to have their packages placed on the second and third shelves of markets where they are most accessible. Shoppers do not have to reach up or bend down to find the desired items. Consumers are known to buy the package that is within immediate reaching distance.

The final sales area is the narrow check stand loaded with magazines, candy and other sugary items. These items are designed to trigger spontaneous buying in shoppers.

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