The first thing most people turn to when trying to lose weight are restrictive diets that almost always end in failure. The ugly truth is, fad diets and trendy weight loss plans are simply not designed to help you achieve permanent weight loss. Long-term results can only be achieved by making the  right changes to your daily diet and routine. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Nyc-diet-planNYC Weight Loss Tips

#1 – Stick to a Dietary Routine

Several studies have shown that people who have a lot of variety in their diet struggle to lose weight more than those who stick to a routine. Take some time to plan out your meals and stock up on your favorite health foods – especially whole foods – not processed.

#2 – Don’t Forget the Protein

One of the biggest mistake dieters make is to fill up on fruits and veggies, only to feel hungry an hour later. Before you enjoy a big bowl of greens, consider adding some lean meat or nuts to help you feel fuller for longer.

#3 – Cool Off

When you keep your thermostat on low, your body will have to work a little harder to stay warm. This means you will burn more calories without even trying. It doesn’t have to feel like the arctic inside your house, just set it a few degrees lower than normal.

#4 – Learn How to Indulge

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean giving up all your favorite foods. In fact, learning how to eat treats in a way that is healthy and controlled is a skill you need to achieve permanent weight loss. To start with, make it a little harder to get ahold of treats and sweets by not keeping them inside the house. That way, you’ll be forced to go through some extra work when you want to indulge yourself.

#5- Snack Smart

Resist mid-day and late night temptations by always having healthy snacks ready to go. Whether it’s yogurt, dried fruit, nuts – or any other healthy snack alternative – keep these close by wherever you go.

#6 – Set Realistic Goals

When you set your expectations too high, you will quickly become frustrated and disappointed when you fail to meet them. Weight loss is the result of slow and steady progress. Give yourself the time and space you need to achieve long-term weight loss.

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