NYC weight lossYour diet for weight loss must include lifestyle changes. Remember: you are eating for good health and a long life. You are not living to eat. Embrace whole body health and wellness through a positive change in your daily lifestyle with some common sense tips.

Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Here are four simple diet tips to help you Lose Weight the Healthy Way and keep excess pounds off for good.

Stay Hydrated

Drink about eight glasses of water a day and avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration quickly. Recent studies have shown a close connection between a lack of hydration and obesity. People who consume large amounts of water along with fruits and vegetables are less likely to be obese. Most fruits and vegetable contain water so they are helpful for hydration, but not a substitute for water.

Diet drinks with sugar and artificial sweeteners should be avoided. As a substitute for soda, combine sparkling water with natural, unsweetened fruit juices. This will give you a light, refreshing carbonated drink to satisfy your craving for sodas. Drink plenty of fruit juices, herbal teas, coffee and energy drinks.

Eat Slowly

New Yorkers lead a fast-paced lifestyle. It is time to slow down and enjoy the taste of each morsel of food you intake. Take pleasure in the preparation of your food. Make generous use of spices and seasonings stimulating metabolism. Check out some of the great recipes from NYC Weightloss Solutions.

Don’t skip meals

Have pre-prepared healthy snacks on hand when you are hungry in between meals

Enjoy fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein-rich foods enhancing your energy


Dieting will help with weight loss. You want to get rid of the stomach, thigh, and buttock fat. To avoid being left with sagging skin after a substantial weigh loss, you need to do body sculpting exercises along with cardio. You may not like sit-ups, crunches, hip rolls,and push-ups, but these help strengthen and tone those areas where you want to lose fat.

Walking, swimming, or strengthening at the gym are important to tone all of your body. Follow the advice of your NYC Weightloss Solutions nutritionist regarding exercise with your diet for weight loss. This is especially important if your job keeps you seated most of the time.

Attitude Change

You are dieting for your better health and a trimmer look. You should always have a positive feeling about yourself regardless of the size of your clothing. The best diet for weight loss includes healthy foods and drinks taking place of the empty calorie foods.

Embrace Whole Body Goodness

Embrace the concept of healthy eating for whole body goodness. To schedule your free consultation with one of the nutritionists at NYC Weightloss Solutions, click the icon below – or – call (212) 759-8118.

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