39563971 - raw steak with tomatoes, mushrooms and dill.The NYC Weightloss Solutions – located at 120 East 56th Street in the heart of Midtown Manhattan – is the top place in America’s Big Apple to develop healthy lifestyle changes through diet and exercise. NYC Weightloss Solutions affordable weight loss programs are designed for those who believe they do not have time to eat properly and exercise because of their busy lifestyle.

NYC Weightloss Solutions Benefits

Too many donuts and other pastries consumed during breakfast business meetings can add pounds of fat to the stomach, hips, and thighs. NYC Weightloss Solutions’s professional nutritionists will put you on the path to healthy eating with a Customized Diet Solutions.

  • Exclusively You
  • 21 Day Thermogenics (Metabolism Enhancing Program)
  • DIETFAST (Metabolism Enhancing Program)

Exclusively You Plan

Exclusively You is a customized diet program worked out with your nutritionist to help you get rid of extra pounds and keep them off. This program is designed for people with special dietary requirements, including diabetics and specific eating disorders. These clients learn how to prepare good, healthy food high in vitamin and mineral content, yet low in harmful fats, sugar, and refined carbohydrates.

21 Day Thermogenics Plan

The 21-day Thermogentics Metabolic Makeover program is designed to step up each person’s individual metabolism so that fat burns faster with healthy eating. This is a diet of high protein and low carbohydrates working in combination to satisfy the dieter’s appetite, while losing fat. The Metabolic Makeover has nutritious food with spices and seasonings stimulating your metabolism into a fat burning machine.

Clients are educated on how to continue eating the right foods and use exercise to keep their metabolism up. Participants in this program can lose from 10 to 15 pounds over a three week period.


The DIETFAST program includes special meal replacement options designed to burn fat quickly and increase metabolism. It features meals with real food that satisfy hunger while losing weight.

Lifestyle Changes

The purpose of every Customized Diet Solution at NYC Weightloss Solutions is to help clients eat healthy foods and develop a distaste for junk food. These programs create an awareness of the foods needed to sustain a healthy body and all foods that are potentially harmful.

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