Non surgical weight loss treatments will usually require a complete lifestyle change with better eating habits. An optimum weight loss program is one comprised of healthy eating and exercise to reach and maintain an ideal weight.

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A healthy diet and regular exercise program is tailored to the individual. This is the most important aspects of continued weight control and includes learning how to substitute good ntrition for tempting junk food.

Setting goals

The NYC Weightloss Solutions has helped people for over 40 years with non surgical weight loss and healthy eating. Our program starts with a goal weight for each client and teaches the steps necessary to reach and maintain their desired weight.

Initial consultations with a diet specialist is extremely important for people with busy lifestyles. Many people are in the habit of grabbing the wrong foods when they are hungry. Many people skip breakfast, eat a quick lunch, and indulge in calorie-rich snack foods with little or no nutritional value in the afternoon and evening. In addition, they are too busy for regular workouts.

Exclusively You

NYC Weight Loss Solutions’s program is designed for everyone who wants to set a weight loss goal with the ultimate purpose of keeping it off. Our diet plans include food lowering bad cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose levels. Exercises are prescribed based on an individual’s physical condition.

Participants should always consult with their doctors before taking on any non surgical weight loss program. This is especially important for people with a family history of weight problems or weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiac, or digestive disorders.

Treatments are specially developed for clients with hypertension, hypoglycemia, diabetes, and heart conditions. All programs follow recommendations by the America Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the Diabetes Association.

Quick Weight Loss

NYC Weightloss Solutions offers two programs designed for quick weight loss by increasing metabolism. These metabolism makeovers are high on protein and low on carbohydrates. Thermogenics 21 is a makeover of metabolism that can lead to a 10-15 pound weight loss in three weeks.

This is a special program tailored to individual needs that includes daily exercises. The program is for people who want to quickly and carefully shed pounds and keep the weight off.

The DIETFAST program includes special meals to burn fat along with exercise. It keeps dieters satisfied with measured meals from real food, not supplements.

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At NYC Weightloss Solutions, individualized programs are available for vegetarians as well as those clients wh0 are hypoglycemic and lactose intolerant. Clients participating in NYC Weightloss Solutions programs work with a personal coach to keep them on track toward reaching their goals. The program does not end there. Coaches help to encourage clients maintain their ideal weight.

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