The NYC Weightloss Solutions become synonymous with weight loss. Their team’s work has been dedicated to helping people transform their lives with programs that teach them how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Owner and director of the NYC Weightloss Solutions on East 56th Street since 1988, Becky knew from a very young age that she wanted to help people improve the quality of their lives. Ny-nutritionist

Her advice has been featured on Good Day, New York, Korean TV, and the CBS Evening News. She has also contributed articles for CBS Healthwatch,,,, Divorce Magazine, El Diario, and NY Metro Parents.

Becky truly cares about her clients which sets her apart from other health experts. Her genuine and compassionate nature gives clients the support they need when all other programs have failed. Her greatest joy in life is watching people transform their lives after getting the right advice and support from a caring community.

Weight Loss Nutritionists

The job of a weight loss nutritionist is to teach clients how to meet all of their nutritional needs with their daily diet. But Becky goes the extra mile for her clients. Her job doesn’t stop at providing sound nutritional advice. She understands that permanent weight loss is more complicated than just developing smart eating habits.

Anybody can lose weight by restricting calories, but most people end up gaining back all the weight they lost, and then some. That’s what makes Becky and the NYC Weightloss Solutions different than other weight loss nutritionists. They focus on the whole picture and each client’s unique set of needs.

Becky doesn’t consider herself a weight loss nutritionist, but rather as a dream-maker who helps turn people’s dreams into a living reality.

NYC Weight Loss Solutions

The staff at the NYC Weightloss Solutions prides themselves on making sure everybody who walks through the door is offered the care and support they need, unlike other diet centers who treat their clients like they are just another number on the scale.

Both Becky and her staff make themselves available to clients on a daily basis if needed. They can be reached by phone or email and also encourage clients to stop by the center at least a couple time each week. They stay in constant contact with every client to make sure they are staying on track and to offer any assistance along the way. And with a 40-year track record, they have hundreds of success stories that prove their programs work.

The weight loss nutritionists at NYC Weightloss Solutions have three amazing programs to choose from with each one providing the flexibility needed to fit each individual’s lifestyle. These programs are designed to produce rapid weight loss by boosting metabolism and increasing energy levels. When combined with regular and moderate exercise, clients start to notice results in a matter of days.

How to Get Started

Weight loss nutritionists at the NYC Weightloss Solutions are ready to help whenever you are ready to begin a journey to a new life. Get the personalized support you need and deserve to get rid of that extra weight once and for all.

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