If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle to maintain a healthy weight, you have probably considered using a weight loss medication. Recently, weight loss medications have flooded the market. Weight loss medications have become more popular than ever. Ads promise fast results and less dieting restrictions and/or activity mandates along your weight loss journey. However, you do not need to rely on false promises to lose weight. It’s very important to know the risks that are involved and weigh them against the possible benefits through a customized weight loss plan.

Ny-nutritionist-doctorWeight Loss Medication

Whether it’s an appetite suppressant or a stimulant, medications are designed to change the chemistry of your body. These medications are developed to allow one to burn more calories, reduce cravings, and boost metabolism.


Using these type of drugs or supplements, accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise routine, can certainly help produce powerful weight loss results. However, they aren’t right for everyone. You should always consult your physician before using any weight loss medication aid.

Weight loss medications can also be a good alternative for people who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure to lose weight.


Even though weight loss medications can give some people the extra help they need to achieve their goals, there are a number of risks involved when taking them. It’s essential to understand these risks by having an honest conversation with your doctor in order to see if weight loss medications are the right fit for you.

Also, some people may try to rely solely on medications to lose weight and this is never a good idea. Moderate and healthy weight loss can only be achieved by eating a nutritious diet and engaging in physical activity on a regular basis.

Key Takeaway

Even though using medication for weight loss might be a good option for some patients, it isn’t right for everybody.  Only you – your weight loss counselor – and your doctor can decide if weight loss medications are right for you.

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