Many women realize that they have put on weight just prior to menopause. Other post-menopausal women find that it is hard to lose weight with lower estrogen levels. Both women and men experience a slow down of their metabolism as they age. This is also part of the change-of-life for women. According to medical authorities, metabolism slows at a rate of up to 2 percent for each decade of life. Muscle tissue is often replaced with fat tissue when people are inactive.

Dieting and Older Women

Yo-yo diets do not work because the weight comes back as soon as you stop dieting. Many fad diets are created for younger people who may burn calories faster. The change-of-life also requires a change of lifestyle that includes eating healthy foods and regular exercise.

Change of Eating Habits

Temporarily cutting out carbohydrates and sugar, fad diets only works for a short time. Your body probably burns 200 less calories if you are over 50. The minute you increase calories, the weight comes back.

Women over 50 should be aware of fat burning foods that are high in fiber and help stimulate the metabolism. Blueberries, plain yogurt, nuts, avocados and other good-tasting foods will elevate the metabolism.

When this eating style is combined with exercise, excess weight should come off and stay away. This is continual healthy eating with an awareness of the foods that benefit your body.

Avoid Heart Disease

Excess weight in post-menopausal women is a leading cause of:

  • high blood pressure,
  • high cholesterol levels,
  • circulation problems
  • knee and hip problems
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • some gastrointestinal cancers

Heart attacks and strokes happen in overweight people. Obesity is a leading cause of Type II diabetes that leads to other complications. Joints wear down over time and they are susceptible to inflammation with excess weight.

A healthy diet and exercise program that keeps your weight under control is important for seniors. Walking is an easy exercise for people in good health. Swimming works all of your muscle groups. Other water exercises cushion the knees and other parts of the body while you get a good workout with water resistance.

Yoga and Pilates stretch muscles and improve circulation. Bicycling, rowing and other exercises that do not place too much stress on the body are always recommended. Many gyms have exercise classes exclusively for seniors.

Learn About Fat Burning Foods

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