Fast food restaurant labeling has been a requirement in New York City since 2006. Other cities have followed and labeling will be required nationwide by May, 2017 for chains with 20 or more restaurants.

Fast Food Labeling

Fast food chains give people the calorie count, sodium and fat content of the foods they offer. Most people go to fast food chains because of the convenience and cost. This includes the drive-through windows where drivers order food from the posted board and talk into a speaker. They are usually not interested in the nutritional value (if any) of the burger, fries and soft drink combo.

Most people ordering inside of the restaurant are not concerned about the calorie count of the food according to recent studies. They stop at these franchises because they like the burgers, fried chicken or tacos. Chemical additives and preservatives that can contribute to obesity are not an issue for fast-food lovers.

Some sub sandwich franchises have made an effort to explain more about the products they sell, including the calorie count, sodium and fat content of certain items. These franchises list some of the ingredients that are offered as fresh and healthy. They are trying to attract more people interested in good nutrition although they still have high-calorie offerings.

Food courts in shopping malls are another area for fast foods. There may be more of a variety in one place, but the foods often contain monosodium glutamate and other preservatives.

The Beef in Fast Food

A double quarter-pound burger with cheese has about 740 calories. The beef patties are rarely the best quality, but the buns, cheese and condiments make the burger tasty. The beef in tacos from popular food chains is smothered in seasonings and sauces. A list of FDA approved additives and preservatives go into the coatings on fried chicken. These chemicals are also used in gravies and special sauces. Potatoes are fried mainly in soy oil since it is cheap.

Each franchise has its own suppliers. The regional distribution company provides the meat, chicken, cheese, potatoes, drinks, condiments and bread products. You have no idea what is in these food products even when calorie, sodium and fat contents are listed. The food meets FDA standards, but that does not mean it is high-quality or healthy.

Soft drinks are familiar brand labels with high-fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, artificial coloring and flavoring. Shakes, soft serve ice cream and other dairy confections contain similar ingredients plus diglycerides, carrageenan, guar gum, and other chemicals.

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