10629560 - nutritionThe location for the best nutritionists in NYC is NYC Weightloss Solutions 120 East 56th Street located in Midtown Manhattan. NYC Weightloss Solutions blossomed in 1988 and today is renowned as an authoritative center for nutrition and weight loss. Acclaimed nutritionist – Becky Wilborn – is the owner and managing director of NYC Weightloss Solutions. We only staff accredited nutritionists who have a proven track record of counseling clients into adopting a whole body healthier lifestyle.

NYC Nutritionists Specializing in Customized Dieting

Everyone is welcome to discover their Customized Diet Solution.

  • People with a hereditary tendency to become obese
  • People suffering from diabetics
  • Hypoglycemic dieters
  • People recovering from surgery
  • People with specific eating disorders

Lifestyle Counseling

People who want to lose weight usually need to make lifestyle changes in order to Lose Weight the Healthy Way. This includes eating the right foods and ignoring the wrong ones. NYC Weightloss Solutions Nutritionists educate people about the right combinations of foods for healthy eating.

Exercise Program

Exercise is part of each of our three Customized Diet Solutions.

  • Exclusively You
  • 21 Day Thermogenics (Metabolism Enhancing Program)
  • DIETFAST (Metabolism Enhancing Program)

Clients are coached to add muscle to tone their bodies, not just burn calories. Weight loss is a combination of mind and body inner workings. The best nutritionists realize that each client has a different perception about his or her body image. The right combination of diet and exercise will result in a well-toned body after weight loss. This avoids an unsightly appearance of sagging skin where the fat used to be.

Read the Label

Part of the educational process involves educating clients about how to interpret the ingredient labels on packaged foods.

An effective nutritionist will explain the differences among:

  • Saturated fats and unsaturated fats
  • Cholesterol
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Carbohydrates and sugars

Nutritionists encourage dieters to carefully study the ingredients in packaged products. For instance, iIf refined sugar is one of the top ingredients, the product should not be consumed by anyone trying to lose weight.

Other important educational topics:

  • GMOs
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Seasonings that increase metabolism and taste good
  • Portion control

Discover NYC’s Best Nutritionists

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