New-york-_Medical-weight-loss-doctorSmoking is an unhealthy habit that can result in an early death due to COPD, lung cancer, or one of several other debilitating conditions. Nearly every smoker knows they should quit, but kicking the habit is not exactly easy. Most smokers are able to think of at least several reasons why they should continue to smoke, and one of the most common is that they fear they will gain weight. They rationalize that carrying too much weight is also unhealthy, so smoking is actually making a small contribution to their good health.

Achieve Weight Loss

There is not really much of a connection between smokers and weight loss. However, the probability is high that people who quit smoking will gain at least a few pounds. It almost seems unbelievable now, but years ago doctors actually advised their overweight patients to begin smoking to help them to lose weight. Nicotine not only speeds up the metabolism, but also dulls the taste buds and appetite. Smokers who quit should make a conscious effort to eat at least 250 calories less each day.

People in our modern society have more information about what is dangerous for their health than ever before, so they are aware that both smoking and obesity are dangerous. There really is a strong connection between smokers and weight loss. Smokers who quit will have to eventually use the determination it took to stop smoking to lose the weight they gained. Although both quitting and losing weight can be challenging, there are effective ways to accomplish both goals.

Quitting Smoking

When a smoker is able to quit, they typically feel more energetic because their lungs are gradually returning to their full function. This extra energy can be used to begin a regular exercise routine that will increase metabolism and burn some calories. Just this increase in activity alone should prevent them from packing on more than a few pounds.

Of course, eating a nutritious diet is also very important in maintaining a healthy weight, so the ex-smoker should concentrate on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grain breads. Sometimes chewing gum or eating a healthy snack can help satisfy the urge to have something in their mouth, but the snack should always be low calorie. Over time the inclination to smoke should decrease, and the former smoker will feel the satisfaction of losing weight the healthy way.

More Weight Loss Tips

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