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A good night’s sleep and weight loss are seldom thought about together. This may be why so many people have trouble losing weight. The American Medical Association suggests sleep loss increases hunger and adversely affects the body’s metabolism. When sleep is lost it is more difficult to lose weight the healthy way and maintain one’s weight.

Why Sleep is Crucial

When a person does not get proper sleep, loss of rest will cause:

  • Increased hunger. Losing sleep has an effect on the secretion of cortisol. This is the hormone regulating appetite. With ineffective rest, it results in an individual continuing to feel hungry. This feeling of hunger will occur no matter what the food intake is.
  • Increased fat storage. When an individual does not get proper sleep it will interfere with their body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates. This interference will result in higher levels of blood sugar. If the body has excess blood sugar it will over-produce insulin. This, in turn, leads to the storage of body fat.

Being Overweight Causes Sleeping Problems

Many times a person who is suffering from being overweight will complain they have trouble sleeping. Sleep and weight loss are closely related and these are reasons they may experience sleep disorders.

  • Sleep apnea is a disorder occurring during sleep when a person’s breathing starts and stops. This disorder is most common in people who are overweight.
  • When a person is overweight it causes their lower back to hurt. Lower back pain makes it difficult to lie comfortably in a bed and sleep all night.
  • An overweight person tends to suffer from depression. Depression has a symptom of insomnia which is the inability to fall asleep.

Lose Weight and Get Sleep

At the NYC Weightloss Solutions, customized diet solutions combine a healthy diet and exercise program to help clients feel great. The programs offer various options to achieve weight loss targets through healthier methods than other programs out there.

NYC Weightloss Solutions will use:

  • Excellent nutrition
  • Behavior management
  • Moderate exercise

The combination of these techniques will allow those overweight to see loss results quickly.

Weight Loss in a Friendly Atmosphere

The NYC Weightloss Solutions does not make weight loss an oppressive subject. The atmosphere at the NYC Weightloss Solutions is uplifting without an expectation of perfection. The focus at the NYC Weightloss Solutions is for each individual client’s improvement. Through the individualized programs, clients will achieve weight loss to improve their lives. With the importance between sleep and weight loss being known, every client’s lifestyle habits should also improve.

Achieving Weight Loss at the NYC Weightloss Solutions

Make sure a diet program is approved by the family physician and there are no current health concerns. To schedule a free consultation today at the NYC Weightloss Solutions click the link below and enter your information online – or – call 212-753-8118.

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