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The Best Approach to Dieting for Weight Loss

The best approach to dieting is to change your eating habits. NYC Weightloss Solutions will help you lose weight and keep it off through a lifestyle change including eating healthy foods and exercising on a daily basis. Our expert nutritionists help you to understand the healthy value of the foods we recommend in three acclaimed […]

Can You Eat Carbohydrates While Dieting?

Carbohydrate consumption while dieting is important. Carbs are an essential part of any normal eating diet. The body and brain both need carbs to function effectively. Not all carbohydrates are created equal. There are certain carbs to consume when trying to lose weight. Good Carbohydrates While Dieting Fruits and vegetables are good sources of carbohydrates. Good carbs […]

Can I Eat Dairy While Dieting?

Recent studies  have shown consuming dairy while dieting helps to burn fat and increase weight loss. Eating dairy can make it easier to lose those extra pounds. Calories still count through dairy, but overweight adults who eat high-dairy diets lose more weight than those who consumed a low-dairy diet. Both groups had the same calorie intake […]

Do I Have To Eat Vegan Or Vegetarian While Dieting?

Eating a vegan or vegetarian is a lifestyle choice. It is not a means of dieting. Vegans and vegetarians tend to lose more weight against other lifestyle diets. This is due to the decreased saturated fats in their diet. Vegan and vegetarian diets also contain more carbs, protein, and a balance of fat. You do not […]