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Spring Into Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Now that spring has sprung across America – you can Lose Weight the Healthy Way through NYC Weightloss Solutions’ uniquely designed programs and optional products. Our programs are designed to provide you with professional guidance and behavior modification. Fresh Start – lose weight steadily while enjoying cooking! FastTrac – 9 to 15 pound loss in […]

Premier Nutritional Behavior Coach in NYC

Only a premier nutritional behavior coach will custom design a lifestyle change plan for your physical and personal needs. Introducing: NYC’s Premier Nutritional Behavior Coach Becky Wilborn – founder and manager of the newly rebranded NYC Weightloss Center. NYC’s Premier Nutritional Behavior Coach Becky Wilborn has been instrumental in making lasting nutritional behavior changes in […]

Why You Should Not Trust Fast Food Labeling

Fast food restaurant labeling has been a requirement in New York City since 2006. Other cities have followed and labeling will be required nationwide by May, 2017 for chains with 20 or more restaurants. Fast Food Labeling Fast food chains give people the calorie count, sodium and fat content of the foods they offer. Most […]

Some of the Best Foods for Men

Many men want meat. in their daily diet. They won’t even consider a diet plan excluding steak or roast beef on the menu. Actually, lean red meats are some of the best foods for men. Meat is a source of protein. Unfortunately, it is also a source of saturated fat – the type that leads to blocked arteries. […]

Why Yo Yo Dieting Is Hard On Older Women

Many women realize that they have put on weight just prior to menopause. Other post-menopausal women find that it is hard to lose weight with lower estrogen levels. Both women and men experience a slow down of their metabolism as they age. This is also part of the change-of-life for women. According to medical authorities, metabolism […]

How to Gauge Your Water Sugar Salt Intake Every Day

You can easily gauge your water, sugar and salt intake on a daily basis. Understanding how much of each you need will help you lose weight and keep it off. Water is the Source of Life You can drink as much water as you like. You are encouraged to drink six to eight glasses of […]

NYC’s Best Weight Loss Coach

Founder of NYC Weightloss Solutions in NYC – Becky Wilborn – has comprised a staff of weight loss coaches licensed as nutritionists. Becky and her weight loss coaches have studied the effects of good nutrition on health and they encourage a complete lifestyle change for all clients. Working with Health Issues The staff at NYC Weightloss […]

How Food Cravings Make You Overeat

Food cravings are caused by a combination of biological and psychological factors. Commonly craved foods include: Sugar-laced confections including candy bars, cakes and pastries Salty foods including chips Sugary drinks Ice cream and other rich dairy products Chocolate These cravings are not unusual. Your tongue has receptors for sugar and salt. Most people experience the […]

Learn How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

You cannot lose weight and keep it off with yo-yo diets. A healthy diet and eating plan is the only way to lose weight lose weight the healthy way and keep it off. Regular exercise is part of any weight loss program to maintain good health and a trim body. Lose Weight for Good Health NYC […]

How Much Does The Best Diet Coach In NYC Charge?

The best diet coaches in New York City can be found at NYC Weightloss Solutions. Founder and director, Becky Wilborn, and her staff of licensed nutritionists offer free consultation before any client agrees to contract their service. The cost of your weight loss and maintenance program will depend on the type of diet solution and length of time you work […]